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Plaja de Palma  - Preselected project

with Alberto Oss Pegorar - Annagiulia Parizzi - Roberta Serra

The project proposes a new urban ecosystem that creates diversity, zones of ecological and cultural richness able to develop an alternative touristic scenario to the actual beach-focused porposal. A pilot- project that empowers the transversal axis that strategically connects the rural part of Palma to the sea. Along Calle Gran i General Consell, the project develops as a landscape narration revealing the possible new potencials along the gradient of urban spaces running from the coast to the interior of the island.
The regeneration of the urban fabric improves the ecological-environmental and socio-economical status of the city, focusing on different strategies.Urban microclimate. With the creation of a a pine forest park, green islands and facades and the mediterranean vegetation in the streetscape, new specific microclimates are created improving the biodiversity of the marine, urban and rural landscapes.

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